Helicopter Rotor Drive System Parts Catalog

A helicopter rotor drive system features a control system and rotary blades. The rotor system is the rotating part of a helicopter which generates lift and consists of a mast, hub, and rotary blades. The blades are attached to the hub using various nuts and bolts. There are three main types of rotor drive systems: semirigid, rigid, and fully articulated. The classifications are based upon how the motor blades are attached and move in accordance to the main rotor hub.

In semirigid rotor systems, two blades are attached to a central hub. The hub can tilt according to the main rotor shaft using a teetering hinge. The teetering hinge is significant as it allows one blade to flap up and the other to flap down. This decreases the lead and lag forces on the blades. Semirigid rotor systems are simple, however the downside is that the reaction to control input is not as quick as articulated rotor systems.

In rigid rotor systems the blade roots are rigidly attached to the rotor hub. As they do not have hinges, rigid rotor systems rely on the bending of the rotor blades. The blades are unable to flap or utilize lead and lag movements. Despite these factors, rigid rotor systems are relatively straightforward in design and principle. Rigid rotor systems are considered to be the happy medium between semi rigid motor systems and fully articulated systems. A disadvantage of rigid rotor systems is the higher vibration levels that compromises the overall control and comfort of the helicopter.

FFully articulated rotor systems allow for more movement in the blades. The blades have lead/lag, independent flap capabilities and the ability to feather. Fully articulated rotor systems have two or more main rotor blades. As the rotor spins, each blade responds to inputs from the control system to enable aircraft control.

Newer rotor systems use elastomeric bearings, which are arrangements of rubber and steel that can allow motion in two axes. Compared to metal bearings, elastomeric bearings require less maintenance as they wear better.

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Part No Description RFQ
R8206 C283-3 Mast Tube Upgrade Kit RFQ
NAS9301B-4-02 Rivet RFQ
NAS6608H42 Bolt RFQ
NAS6606-5 Bolt RFQ
NAS6606-31 Bolt RFQ
NAS6605-42 Bolt RFQ
NAS6605-38 Bolt RFQ
NAS6604-21 Bolt RFQ
NAS6604-13 Bolt RFQ
NAS6604-11 Bolt RFQ
NAS6603-8 Bolt RFQ
NAS6603-40 Bolt RFQ
NAS6603-28 Bolt RFQ
NAS6603-24 Bolt RFQ
NAS6603-12 Bolt RFQ
NAS6603-11 Bolt RFQ
NAS6603-10 Bolt RFQ
NAS428-3A-14 Bolt RFQ
NAS428-3-14 Bolt RFQ
NAS1352-4-30 Screw RFQ
NAS1352-4-16 Screw RFQ
NAS1352-4-12 Screw RFQ
NAS1352-08LE6P Screw RFQ
NAS1304-15 Bolt RFQ
MS35206-228 Screw RFQ
MS35206-219 Screw RFQ
MS27039C1-11 Screw RFQ
MS27039C1-09 Screw RFQ
MS27039C1-07 Screw RFQ
MS27039C0812 Screw RFQ
MS27039C0806 Screw RFQ
MS24665-283 Cotter Pin RFQ
MS24665-134 Cotter Pin RFQ
MS24566-1B Pulley (or AN210-1A) RFQ
MS24566-1B Pulley (supersedes AN210-1A) RFQ
MS21075L3E Nutplate RFQ
MS21042L6 Nut RFQ
MS21042L5 Nut RFQ
MS21042L4 Nut RFQ
MS21042L3 Nut RFQ
MS21042L08 Nut RFQ
MS21042L06 Nut RFQ
MS21042L04 Nut RFQ
MS20995C41 0.041 in. dia. Safety Wire RFQ
MS20995C32 0.032 in. dia. Safety Wire RFQ
MS20470AD4 Rivet RFQ
MS20426AD4 Rivet (at outboard positions) RFQ
MS20426AD3 Rivet RFQ
MS20074-04-04 Bolt (earlier non-hydraulic R44s) RFQ
KI-202 Retainer Upgrade Kit RFQ
F283-3 Mast Assembly RFQ
D796-1 Duct Assembly RFQ
D500-1 Pump RFQ
D276-3 Gearmotor Assembly (28-volt ships) . RFQ
D276-1 Gearmotor Assembly (14-volt ships) . RFQ
D262-11 Fuse Holder RFQ
D210-4 Nut RFQ
D210-3 Nut RFQ
D210-10 Nut RFQ
D174-2R D174-2 Fanwheel Assembly (overhaul exchange) RFQ
D174-2 Fanwheel Assembly RFQ
D126-1 Cable Assembly RFQ
D123-1 Arm Assembly RFQ
D123-1 Arm Assembly - Lower RFQ
D122-6 Plate RFQ
D122-1 Bracket Assembly RFQ
D118-1 Bracket Assembly RFQ
D117-2 Guard RFQ
D117-1 Guard RFQ
D114-1 Bracket RFQ
D113-2 Link RFQ
D113-1 Link RFQ
D112-1 Lever RFQ
D111-1 Bracket RFQ
D110-1 Arm Assembly - Upper RFQ
D110-1 Arm Assembly RFQ
D049-4 Harness Assembly RFQ
C967-1 Plug RFQ
C966-5 Seal RFQ
C966-3 Seal RFQ
C947-1 Flex Plate Assembly RFQ
C747-1 Baffle Assembly RFQ
C653-3* Mount RFQ
C648-2 Bearing - Journal RFQ
C647-1 Bearing (main rotor shaft upper bearing) RFQ
C553-1 Block RFQ
C283-1 Mast Assembly RFQ
C273-1 Roof RFQ
C273-1 Roof Panel RFQ
C270-1 End Cover RFQ
C264-2 Housing RFQ
C264-1 Housing RFQ
C261-1 Mast Fairing Assembly RFQ
C257-2 Cover RFQ
C251-2 Shaft - Main Rotor Drive RFQ
C251-1 Shaft - Main Rotor Drive RFQ
C244-1 Bracket RFQ
C215-279 O-Ring (use only with C263-1 sump) RFQ
C215-029 O-Ring (lubricate with A257-1 grease) RFQ
C191-1 Block RFQ
C184-2R C184-2 Bearing Assembly - Upper (overhaul exchange) RFQ
C184-2 Bearing Assembly - Upper RFQ
C182-1 Nut RFQ
C181-3 Bearing RFQ
C168-5 Retainer RFQ
C168-4 Retainer RFQ
C167-5 Housing RFQ
C167-3 Housing RFQ
C166-4 Shaft - Clutch RFQ
C146-5 Gear Set RFQ
C146-1 Gear Set RFQ
C105-2 Journal RFQ
C051-2 Actuator Assembly (28-volt ships) RFQ
C051-1R C051-1 Actuator Assembly (overhaul exchange) RFQ
C051-1R C051-2 Actuator Assembly (overhaul exchange) RFQ
C051-1 Actuator Assembly (14-volt ships) RFQ
C049-5 Harness Assembly - Overtemp Switch RFQ
C049-4 Harness Assembly RFQ
C049-2 Harness Assembly RFQ
C018-3R C018-3 Clutch Assembly (overhaul exchange; includes new C166-4 shaft) RFQ
C018-3* Clutch Assembly RFQ
C018-2R C018-2 Clutch Assembly (overhaul exchange; includes new C166-4 shaft) RFQ
C018-2* Clutch Assembly RFQ
C018 Clutch Assembly RFQ
C007-5R C007-5 Shaft and Bearing Assembly (overhaul exchange) RFQ
C007-5 Shaft and Bearing Assembly (Incl C181-3 lower bearing) RFQ
C007 Shaft and Bearing Assembly RFQ
C006-8R* C006-8 Main Rotor Gearbox and Mast Assembly RFQ
C006-8* Main Rotor Gearbox and Mast Assembly RFQ
C006-7* Main Rotor Gearbox and Mast Assembly RFQ
C006-6* Main Rotor Gearbox and Mast Assembly RFQ
C006-2 Rotor Brake Assembly RFQ
C006-1 or -3 Main Rotor Gearbox and Mast Assembly RFQ
BP4100 Pulley RFQ
B570-1 Magnet Assembly RFQ
B566-1* Chip Detector RFQ
B330-19 Palnut RFQ
B330-16 Palnut RFQ
B330-13 Palnut RFQ
B320-2 Sender Assembly RFQ
B289-3 Screw RFQ
B270-2 Sealant - Metal (silver) RFQ
B270-10 Adhesive RFQ
B263-3 Pin RFQ
B263-19* Housing RFQ
B263-18* Housing RFQ
B263-15 Housing RFQ
B263-14 Housing (28-volt ships) RFQ
B263-12 Housing (14-volt ships) RFQ
B263-1 Pin RFQ
B158-8 Heat Shrink RFQ
B158-8 Heat Shrink (14-volt ships) RFQ
B158-6 Heat Shrink (around fuse holder) RFQ
B158-3 Heat Shrink (around wires, terminals) RFQ
B158-2 Heat Shrink RFQ
B158-12 Heat Shrink RFQ
B157-1 Mount RFQ
B125-2 Connector RFQ
B115-1 Bearing RFQ
B049-3 Harness Assembly RFQ
B033-6 Knob Assembly - Rotor Brake RFQ
B033-6 Knob Assembly (includes knob and chain) RFQ
AS111 O-Ring RFQ
AN814-8D Filler Plug RFQ
AN742-3 Clamp RFQ
AN526C832R6 Screw RFQ
AN320-8 Nut (B270-11 on threads) RFQ
AN316-5R Nut RFQ
AN3-41A Bolt RFQ
AGC-3 Fuse (3 amp, for 14-volt ships) RFQ
AGC-1.5 Fuse (1.5 amp, for 28-volt ships) RFQ
A938-5 Mount - Test Switches RFQ
A938-3 Mount - Test Switches RFQ
A7260 Chip Detector RFQ
A654-56 Decal RFQ
A653-2* Mount (supersedes A653-1; if replacing a -1 mount replace both forward mounts) RFQ
A650-4 Fitting RFQ
A257-4 Oil - Type “A” ATF (Dexron III) RFQ
A257-2LT Oil - Gearbox (one-liter bottle) RFQ
A257-2 Oil - Gearbox (one-gallon bottle) RFQ
A257-19 Lubricant RFQ
A215-382 O-Ring (use only with C263-2 sump) RFQ
A215-222 O-Ring RFQ
A215-156 O-Ring RFQ
A215-152 O-Ring RFQ
A215-042 O-Ring RFQ
A215-029 O-Ring RFQ
A215-020 O-Ring RFQ
A215-017 O-Ring RFQ
A185-5 Bracket RFQ
A185-3 Plate RFQ
A185-2 Bracket RFQ
A185-1 Bracket RFQ
A15A Diode RFQ
A101-4 Rod End RFQ
5541K11 Pipe Wrap (self-adhesive) RFQ
31M22972* Engine Starter Ring Gear Assembly (supersedes LW-16471* and 31M21951* starter ring gear assembly used on O-540 engine) RFQ
220-242400-09 Clip RFQ
01960 Bead Chain RFQ
012C O-Ring RFQ

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