NSN, Aviation Parts Catalog from General Electric Company Manufacturer

CAGE Code: 80971, 6Z9H7, 99207, 2H388, 0G0L9, 50E49, 01289, 1SLS5, 89380, 1SW31, 53L27, 02989, 03350, 08806, 7V953, 4MQL9, 08805, H3845, 28339, 59651, 7H858, 1K9L8, 60969, 07482, 01XK9, 1DUN1

General Electric Company


CAGE Codes:

General Electric Co: 93217, 00261, 30552, 24446, 01ZA6, 66464, 99207, 03570, 062W0, 24659, 003CK, 03511, 05326, 03510, 12532, 01288, 03497, 03512, 03350, 01PG5, 24445, 07482, 01289, 50706, 88422, 01XK9

General Electric Distributing Corp: 00197, 00452, 24453, 05608, 89473

General Electric Inc: 93519, 67067, 8C817, 24452, 0WVH0, 60099, 08771, 3D565, 95018, 02580, 09019, 3H255, 89380, 50E49, 03508, 0NPK9, 46387, 21152, 60929, 93351, 21153, 08931, 1SW31, 02639, 77393, 0G0L9, 59436, 04242, 0L5X9, 06247, 73773, 03576, 24457, 08804, 13545, 3P780, 93201, 05344, 1K9L8, 34700, 0JZJ1, 24454, 93125, 24455, 9A859, 71669, 62606, 2L365, 97425, 03513, 8L639, 21148, 69629, 1A408, 03517, 29490, 72684, 30464, 29456, 7H858, 30222, 1E255, 08806, 1U621, 7V953, 16316, 1M799, 17237, 89730, 8L720, 02295, 03595, 9F057, 08808, 08805, H3845, 0AZP3, 50566, 09214, 03499, 90080, 43123, 04314, 06083, 16784, 63233, 24449, 0ABH7, 0CCC0, 0R9Z0, 53L27, 09172, 4H565, 60969, 66434, 0PG62, 85599, 2H388, 9C122, 03596, 03573, 03597, 4B147, 1SLS5, 04290, 08603, 90278, 6Z9H7, 0JXA5, 06001, 4K400, 64670, 09818, 08807, 21151, 24451, 08291, 30221, 99142, 5Y039, 6V976, 93218, 29834, 28339, 0TD34, 20070, 03575, 1DD72, 0PGW7, 05368, 78792, 9A852, 98863, 2L257, 4R838, 0SAM5, 5KFP6, 9A849, 21150, 16867, 59669, 03516, 41326, 1V332, 01748, 03502, 03505, 04615, 24447, 0764B, 08801, 59651, 0EE74, 94989, 4MQL9, 14736, 5S877, 8B402, 14064, 96972, 4E942, 1HL38, 81893, 1DUN1, 80971, 24456, 99521, 72799, 4T674, 10007, 95412, 1U4B5, 93199, 3J722, 59846, 15226, 44382, 5Y040, 01002, 75766, 1R513, 58888, 02989, 08798, 0MYW6, 0FVP2, 21149, 7L239, 67110, 1A406, 03294, 90702, 2U774, 2X209, 04244, 95017, 0VGD8.

GE Aviation: K5294, 35351



General Electric Supply Co: 43445, 1V484, 3B182, 0AM34, 4P253, 64195, 9Y332, 9A547, 8Z947, 9A544

Industrial Operating Segments: Power, Renewable Energy, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Transportation, Lighting

Financial Services Operating Segment: Capital


  • General Electric Company- Boston, MA
  • Power- Schenectady, NY
  • Renewable Energy- Paris, France
  • Aviation- Cincinnati, OH
  • Oil & Gas- London, UK and Houston, TX
  • Transportation- Chicago, IL
  • Lighting- East Cleveland, OH and Boston, MA
  • Capital- Norwalk, CT

About GE

The General Electric Company refers to themselves as GE when communicating information about all of their affiliates, excluding GE Capital. They are a global technology company that have acquired and developed products used across a wide range of industries.

GE manufacturing operations: 162 plants in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and 297 plants in 41 other countries.

  • Power

GE’s power division has gas power systems; steam power systems; power services; grid solutions; power conversion; automation & controls; and GE Hitachi Nuclear. Their products are used in the power generation, government, and industrial applications.

  • Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy includes onshore wind, offshore wind, hydro, and LM Wind Power used in different industries.

  • Aviation

The aviation division manufactures commercial engines; provides commercial services; military products; commercial and military systems; and other miscellaneous products and services.

  • Oil & Gas

Oil and gas products include oilfield services; oilfield equipment; turbomachinery and process solutions; and digital solutions.

  • Transportation

Transportation products are applicable to locomotives; services; digital solutions; mining; and marine, stationary and drilling operations.

  • Lighting

GE lighting and Current are included under GE’s lighting segment. GE lighting focuses on LED lighting and connected home technology, while Current focuses on advanced LED technology, sensors, and software for the commercial and industrial market. Their objective is to produce products that are energy efficient.

GE Aviation Products

  • Commercial

Engines: GE90, GE9X, GEnx, GP7200, CF6, CFM56, LEAP, CF34, CT7.

  • Military

Military Engines: Adaptive Cycle, F110, F404, F414, T408, T700, T901, F108 (CFM56), F103/138 (CF6).

  • B&GA

Turboprop Engines: GE Catalyst™, H-Series.

Turbofan Engines: Passport, GE Affinity, HF120, CF34, CFM56, CF700, CFE738, CJ610.

  • Marine

Military Gas Turbines: LM500, LM2500, LM2500+, LM2500+G4, LM6000.

Commercial Gas Turbines: 4.6 MW, 25.1 MW, 30.2 MW, 35.3 MW, 46.1 MW.

Other GE Products:

Bulb; kit; lamp; relay; light; speaker; radio kit; plastic sheet; adhesive; sealant; catalyst; primer; resistor; nameplate; lock; spring; ring; packing; plate; bushing; plug; nut; washer; pin; seal; shim; bolt.

GE Ventures- Partners

  • Energy and Mobility:

1366 Technologies; Advanced Microgrid Solutions; Alchemist Accelerator; Ambyint; Balena; BiSN; China Materialia LLC; Clearpath Robotics ™; Cooledge ™; Element Analytics ™; Enbala; eVolution networks; Flexgen ® Power Systems; Foghorn; Foro Energy; Gridnet; i3 Equity Partners; Genu Simply Genius; LM; MAANA ™ Knowledge Accelerated; mPrest; Nexar; Oblong; Rigup; Sentient; Sonnen; STEM; TTTech; Tendril; The Hive ™; Trilliant; View|Dynamic Glass; Hyperloop | One; Volta; Zola Electric.

  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain:

Alchemist Accelerator; Aras Corp; Carbon; China Materialia; Clearpath Robotics ™; Desktop metal; Elementum; Freightos; 13 Equity Partners; LM; Nyshex; Omni-ID; Optomec; Sarcos; Sight Machine; TTTech; The Hive; Up Skill; Xometry.

  • Enterprise Productivity Applications:

Alchemist Accelerator; Apervita; Arcadia; Ascendify, Balena; Catalant; i3 Equity Partners; Maana; Nuvolo; Oblong; Octiv; Quantum Health; Rig Up; Servicemax; Tamr; Teem; The Hive; Up Skill; Zinc.

  • Digital Infrastructure:

Alchemist Accelerator; Ayasdi; Balena; China Materialia; Element Analytics; Equalum; Foghorn; i3 Equity Partners; IoTium; Maana; Mocana; Morphisec; mPrest; PingThings; Portworx; Tamr; TTTech; The Hive; Thetaray; Vineti; Xage.

  • Frontier Technologies:

Alchemist Accelerator; Ambyint; Ayasdi; Balena; China Materialia; Clearpath Robotics ™; Desktop Metal; Element Analytics ™ ; Foghorn; i3 Equity Partners; Ingenu; IoTium; Maana; Menlo Micro; mPrest; Nexar; Omni-ID ® ; Optomec; Sarcos; Sight Machine; Sonnen; Stem; Tamr; TTTech; The Hive; Thetaray; Up Skill; Verana Health. 

GE Subsidiaries

  • GE Additive
  • GE Digital
  • GE Aviation
  • GE Capital
  • GE Energy Connections
  • GE Lighting
  • GE Healthcare
  • GE Power
  • GE Transportation
  • GE Renewable Energy
  • Current powered by GE
  • BHGE

GE Competitors

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222-002177 RFQ
781E826P24 RFQ
CR123C630A RFQ
15174-2 RFQ
718AS15B RFQ
8442110-1 RFQ
1327M25P29 RFQ
523X596XQ04 RFQ
781E755P28 RFQ
9679M60G02 RFQ
137B397-8 RFQ
9679M68G02 RFQ
132B484P2 RFQ
101X113 RFQ
9009M32P01 RFQ
7091M49G04 RFQ
9679M11G01 RFQ
C-3005G39-P-1 RFQ
9678M67P01 RFQ
HLT453ST-8-10 RFQ
107R966P1 RFQ
HLT56A8-12 RFQ
3008M37P1 RFQ
108R314G2 RFQ
3007M56P1 RFQ
708B140P1 RFQ
643E406G8 RFQ
A13771 RFQ
VS3038-4-7 RFQ
1338M98P01 RFQ
14-90-102-11 RFQ
7091M49G03 RFQ
215S15D2-47414 RFQ
G234E8 RFQ
96795 RFQ
134B219AAP2 RFQ
21C7418P03AN RFQ
A6153 RFQ
108R335G2 RFQ
37D401618P101 RFQ
708B146G1 RFQ
134B219AAPC2 RFQ
107R965P2 RFQ
7209D102U RFQ
9679M84G03 RFQ
8982842 RFQ
9679M05P01 RFQ
108R271G5 RFQ
37E501526P102-270 RFQ
17A151-642-G01 RFQ
302-28V RFQ
7091M44G03 RFQ
987E117P13 RFQ
4902T66P02 RFQ
4-1-2BVIT219-400 RFQ
HLT56A8-13 RFQ
LS15262V3-22 RFQ
9384M46G01 RFQ
649-550-001-0 RFQ
1336M44G03 RFQ
3713131-12 RFQ
37B202001P110 RFQ
107R883P11 RFQ
9015M15P13 RFQ
J201P04 RFQ
643E406G9 RFQ
37B202001P108 RFQ
HLT56A8-10 RFQ
2010T06P01 RFQ
9011M30P02 RFQ
177B5397PC12DAN RFQ
107R793G3 RFQ
3008M16P1 RFQ
9680M83P01 RFQ
1330M13P03 RFQ
9528M93P04 RFQ
645C336P002 RFQ
1C6171P04 RFQ
AGE22186 RFQ
B-7722-60 RFQ
9679M04P15 RFQ
96997 RFQ
9679M05P02 RFQ
322161 RFQ
231A107-P3 RFQ
181A5988P1 RFQ
7091M49G02 RFQ
95991 RFQ
107R966P2 RFQ
96339 RFQ
107R793G1 RFQ
37B202001P109 RFQ
NY23667 RFQ
708B302P1 RFQ
HLT56A8-11 RFQ
712B109P5 RFQ
708B151P1 RFQ
9015M15P12 RFQ
655D620-007 RFQ
1329M10P10 RFQ
107R967P2 RFQ
5034T19P03 RFQ
993LW-8SBF-10 RFQ
15174 RFQ
4027T99P01 RFQ
14P50N-S RFQ
B-2025J73-001 RFQ
71-7-000 RFQ
1261A100 RFQ
B68203 RFQ
VS2005-8-36 RFQ
1559M98G04 RFQ
37B202001P111 RFQ
577A159P1 RFQ
137B387PC9 RFQ
107R969P3 RFQ
107R856P4 RFQ
1588M28 RFQ
165A260BC-114 RFQ
3040M69P03 RFQ
5034T19P02 RFQ
14360 RFQ
J405P08A RFQ
9678M86G01 RFQ
9480M96P04 RFQ
3005G39P1 RFQ
G238E12 RFQ
MS21250-07034 RFQ
1106J53-002 RFQ
7091M49G01 RFQ
LS15262V4-10 RFQ
708B317P2 RFQ
9015M15P25 RFQ
5034T51P01 RFQ
108R436G5 RFQ
956A248P4 RFQ
96015 RFQ
656D696-1 RFQ
CR3552-4-5 RFQ
154A2727P1 RFQ
9679M07G05 RFQ
97529-12 RFQ
650-784-038-0 RFQ
708B146 RFQ
718AS15R RFQ
9680M74P02 RFQ
9528M93P03 RFQ
SW2000-10A RFQ
8442163-1 RFQ
9008M50P48 RFQ
874C641G1 RFQ
9004M17G27 RFQ
HL19PB-8-5 RFQ
708B432P1 RFQ
97529-13 RFQ
655E123P14 RFQ
9678M66P01 RFQ
3008M86G1 RFQ
3005G39-001 RFQ
712B109P4 RFQ
97224 RFQ
301G14-PIECE-1 RFQ
9004M74P01 RFQ
97530-2 RFQ
21C14800P17 RFQ
97529-11 RFQ
107R965P3 RFQ
3006G95-001 RFQ
643E116P1 RFQ
68257008101 RFQ
9512M40 RFQ
97529-15 RFQ
107R962G5 RFQ
108R335G3 RFQ
107R967P3 RFQ
112A502DY-P32 RFQ
328A1788P8 RFQ
9004M17G15 RFQ
3006G95P1 RFQ
1329M10P17 RFQ
655D564PC1 RFQ
9679M84G07 RFQ
1284M83G06 RFQ
N405P43C6 RFQ
69272-01 RFQ
3007M56P2 RFQ
194B6376G4 RFQ
3007M76P1 RFQ
107R964P3 RFQ
1559M58 RFQ
JI453-00 RFQ

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